Look what was in this

Look what was in this mornings mail!


How cute is this? The lovely Janette from STYK sent it to me 🙂 It made my morning!
I think it is only right that I insert a Public Service Announcement here.
There are some Evil Enablers in the world. Watch, and Beware. If you are a lemming like I, and suffer from “Me Too!” syndrome, avoid the internet in it’s entirety. If that is unavoidable, beware of people like Norma and Nathania. 😉
They’re hosting a Knitalong for the “Must Have Cardi”.
Funnily enough, I pulled this pattern out just a few days ago, and was contemplating it. When I first got the pattern, it was too small for me, so I stashed it away in the “If I ever lose weight” category.
Well, I lost weight and now it will fit me.
However, I do not have any suitable yarn in the Stash. And I’m trying to knit up the stash. So I shouldn’t make it. I also have almost finished the ribby (Just the zipper now!), and have 2 more cardigans awaiting me in the stash. How many cardi’s are too many?
But I haven’t done any cables in a while, and none of the planned cardi’s have cables. But worsted yarn is difficult to find in Australia, and I would have to order something from the ‘net. I have no experience with Patons Classic Merino (never released here), and don’t know what would be a good substitute. Cascade 220? Elann Peruvian Wool? (The Mid Indigo Heather is nice).
I’m making myself dizzy with all the to-ing and fro-ing.
I actually laid awake last night thinking about it. I’m a sad, sad case.

5 thoughts on “Look what was in this

  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect cable cardi and the Must Have is very close to what I want, except it doesn’t have a collar. I was going to use the Peruvian Highland Wool for my still-to-be-determined-cable-cardigan.

  2. Have you considered Bendigo’s Aran? It knits to the same gauge as worsted, though it is a tad heavier (150m/100g instead of 200m/100g). I prefer the Bendigo to the Peruvian – the stitch definition is far better. I really dislike the Peruvian yarn – though I appear to be a majority of one on this! I think my skeins (only bought 7 to see what they were like) are destined for a felted something-or-other.

  3. I should warn you… if Nathania finds out you’re even thinking about joining along, you will be joining along (that’s how I joined). She’s a very apt enabler. 🙂

  4. Yes to Cascade 220 (in fact I wish I could make it from that, but I’ve got the stash-knitting rule going, too — in fact, that’s a part of our agreement), yes to Peruvian Highland. In fact, there are many good subs, and there’s a growing list right on the blog for the knitalong. Nathania is so helpful like that! Actually, though, any yarn that knits up to 20 stitches/10cm will work. Signed: One of the Evil

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