Still around!

I don’t know where the time goes. I have all good intentions, but I get overwhelmed and it all gets away from me.

My mojo has fled.

Fled. I feel no love for any of my current projects, and am sorely tempted to dump it all. WIPS, stash, queue, the lot. Toss it all and start over. I’ve been working a little bit on lots of things, but it often feels like a chore, not something I’m itching to get at the way it used to feel. Overwhelmed. Too many things stealing my thoughts and it all gets too much to deal with, so I tune it all out.

Corfu has been set aside. I got a fair bit of it done, the back is almost complete, but I’m not feeling the love anymore. It doesn’t look much different to my last post. The lacy cardi I was working on, Cecelia, is done. Well, the body is done. So I tried it on, and I’ve gained weight and it’s too small. I did a beautiful tubular cast off, and it’s too tight. I’m not sure if it could be saved if I undid the ribbing and used a bigger needle. It all felt too hard so I shoved it into the bottom of the too-hard basket.

photo 1

So I started a Manayunk cardi for Em. That’s in worsted, so it went really quickly. I should really work more with thicker yarns, it’s so much quicker. Pity that the majority of my stash is fingering or laceweight, with just a spattering of DK.

photo 3

And I went back and worked a little on my sock yarn blankie. The one that’s been in progress for oh, five years. At this rate, it’ll be finished somewhere around 2030.

photo 2

And I started a Jewelled Cowl with some Swans Island fingering from Suzyhausfrau. This yarn is divine. Seriously, it’s so soft and lush!

photo 4

photo 5

In other news, I got my results for my most recent unit at Uni. A High Distinction. That’s a pretty big deal, I guess. I’m not feeling the love for University. It’s a necessary evil, that’s all. I’m doing well so far (touch wood), but I’m not enjoying it at all. Studying online is hard and solitary, particularly when the lecturer/tutor isn’t interested and just sets a bunch of readings and more or less expects you to teach yourself.

The house continues, slowly. We  had nought but a slab for five weeks. We’ve got the frame up now, and the plumbing done. The bricks have been delivered, but no idea when the bricking will actually start. The only indication we have is “Hopefully soon”. The same builder started another build around the corner from ours a month after ours, and they’re nearly caught up to us. I have a feeling that we were held up to let them catch up to make it easier for the builder/tradies. Hopefully things will progress more quickly now. We’ve also had some drama from the broker that is yet to be resolved.

So, I’m tired and whiny. That’s why I’ve not bothered to post much lately. Hopefully all my mojo is out there somewhere, looking for me, too!

I’m making a mess

I’ve renamed my knitting, now I’m just knotting.

P1110896-00126 strands of yarn attached to that most recent row. I do two rows, then I weave in the ends. Weaving in the ends takes almost as long as knitting two rows. It’s slow going, and very, very frustrating.

But it’s beautiful!



Kind of big news

I’m usually a relatively monogamous knitter. I never have more than three projects on the go at a time. It used to be a sock, some lace and a garment. Socks have sort of fallen out of knitting favour with me, and lace had been the same way. Of course, lace has made a resurgence with the purple shawl lately, but it too has fallen to the wayside the past few weeks.

After I finished my Watermelon Drift I decided to cast on another garment. I had a look through my Ravelry queue and decided upon Corfu. (A side note, I’m also kind of anal about my Ravelry queue. Most of it is matched up to yarn in my stash, and I’ve been making an effort to cull the stash lately, bring it into somewhat manageable proportions!)

I haven’t knit Intarsia in years. I made a baby suit for one of the dolls I made about 15 years ago, but haven’t done much at all since. I’d forgotten that it gets kind of addictive. I just want to keep going to see how it looks after every couple of rows. Of course, it’s also slow as molasses. I knit two rows, then weave in all the ends. It takes almost as long to weave in the ends as it does to knit the two rows. It’s also kind of frustrating, and I frequently look like this.


It is however, coming along nicely.


The beginnings of the cardi I showed you all in the last post hasn’t been completely abandoned. We had a weekend away in Canberra last weekend, and I realised I didn’t have any roadworthy knitting on the go, so I started the cardi. It got a good trip.

It came to dinner.



And to tea.



And was promptly ignored again once we got home and I could pick up the intarsia again.

However, this week we got some big news. A couple of weeks ago we met with our kitchen guy and selected colours for the new kitchen. For the record, we’ve gone with white cupboards and Ceasarstone Atlantic Salt benchtops.


I was working on a timeline that we might see a slab in late March/early April. We had a meeting with the builders on Wednesday, where we signed off on everything, made a few last minute changes and finalised all our colour choices, then the lovely guy told us they expect to start by the end of next week, yay! We’re expected to be done and moving in sometime in mid-October.

So right now it looks like this.


I told David I want him to install a buildercam so I can keep an eye on whats going on, but he nixed the idea. I’ll have to settle for a driveby every weekend!

Watermelon Drift

So I mentioned a few posts back that I’d got some Shibui Staccato from Suzyhausfrau and that it was already on the needles, but I didn’t say a whole lot more.  I didn’t intend to be all top secret about it, it just turned into this kind of stealth project that was happening in the background, then before I knew it, it was done!



Drifting! The colour isn’t photographing at all well, it’s not as orange as it appears.

Last year at the Stitches and Craft show, I spotted this Staccato in Watermelon at Suzyhausfrau‘s stall I had no plans for it, no idea what I wanted to do with it, the colour just insisted on coming home with me. I picked up three skeins, and home they came. Every now and then I’d flip through patterns on Ravelry, and add a scarf or cowl pattern to my queue, but nothing was exactly right. Then I spotted Drifting. Alas, I needed four skeins and I only had three. I ordered an extra from Suzyhausfrau, figuring I’d have to blend the skeins, but that it would probably work.

My luck was in, it was the same dyelot! Hooray! It flew off the needles, and I think it was just meant to be.

Pattern: Drifting by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Yarn: Shibui Staccato in Watermelon (Merino/Silk), 4 skeins
Needles: 3.5mm Dyakcraft Darn pretties
Mods: None.

I strongly recommend swatching and washing your swatch. I got gauge on the 4mm needles, but it grew substantially when I blocked it, so I went down to the 3.5mm.

As luck would have it, one night I put my knitting down next to a piece of Liberty Tana Lawn that I had, and inspiration struck. So I made a little flower brooch to wear with it.



Thank you all for the Twinkie thoughts. We’re missing her way more than I thought possible. I’m still expecting to see her everywhere I look.