I think I forget how to do lace..

I think I’ve forgotten how to knit lace. Actually, that’s not true. It’s not the knitting of it causing me a headache. I got started just fine, and it was going swimmingly!


Then last night after I got home from work I sat down to work on it some more. I had a stitch count problem on one needle, and there was an errant fly buzzing around, driving me mad. I put the knitting down and jumped up to find the flyspray, pulling out a needle in the process. (The bright green yarn is marking the start of the round. For yarn this fine I find locking stitch markers too heavy, and can’t use a stitch marker on the end of a DPN! I find this the easiest way.)

Frogged, begun again. Attempted to begin again, anyway. While I proudly got the circular cast on perfect the first time, it would not cooperate last night. Multiple attempts resulted in me throwing the yarn across the room. End result?

IMG_4636-001But I refuse to be defeated. Refuse.

In Twinkie news, she’s doing okay. She’s over ten now, and I’m afraid it’s starting to show. She has a recurring eye infection that has her on constant antibiotics, and is pretty much totally blind now. She moves a lot slower than she used to, but she still knows exactly where the treats are kept, and the best way to get one from us. We gave her a spa day the other day.



She was far more amenable than expected, but she did spend a great deal of time afterwards licking the bath off!

One thought on “I think I forget how to do lace..

  1. hehe, poor twinkie. she looks lovely all clean and white like that though! i hold out very little hope for my lace knitting these days – if it requires counting past 10 i’m in serious trouble. knowing you though this will end something spectacular regardless!

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