Back on Track

The lace is happily back on track!


Hooray! And it’s off the double points, so less chance of something going wrong!
In other knitty type news, I had a couple of deliveries this week!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a brown paper parcel tied up with string? (These are a few of our favourite things!)


A little while back, Suzyhausfrau announced that the loooooong awaited MadelineTosh order was finally on it’s way, and she was having a presale. I had a very serious talk to myself about how I have plenty of yarn, and I haven’t used the Merino Light from my last Suzyhausfrau MadTosh order and I don’t need any more yarn. Also, I was a t work when the presale happened, which was fortuitous, as I wouldn’t be able to place an order.

However, I can now strike “place a sneaky yarn order from a toilet cubicle on my smart phone” off my bucket list. Suffering from a severe case of Fear Of Missing Out syndrome, I couldn’t help myself.



Mmmmm. Four skeins of Tart, one each of Fragrant and Charcoal and a single skein of Shibui Knit Staccato to make up a shortfall. What is all the Merino Light going to be? Pfft, as if I plan that far ahead!! I honestly have no idea. The Shibui however, is already on the needles.

I also got a couple of Rowan books. (Not from Suzy! From CucumberPatch in the UK)


The Angora Haze book is gorgeous, and seeing as they’ve discontinued the Angora Haze yarn, I wanted to get the book while I still could. And the last ever Studio booklet. Sniff. I’ll miss Studio…


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