Would you like bread


Would you like bread with that? 😉
Seriously, this is as close as I get to baking. My DH is a far, far better cook than I. The thing i do best in the kitchen is eat. And dye.
The newest sock in the Six Sox knitalong is a stashbuster sock that calls for leftovers of at least three different sock yarns in solids.
I don’t have sock yarn solids leftovers. I recently bought 3 colours of solid sock yarn from elann, but I bought enough for pairs. So I took the two balls of cream that I bought, and I’m dyeing ’em. Conveniently enough, I have 3 colours in the Landscapes dyes that I bought to dye the yarn for Clapotis. So today is messy in the kitchen day 🙂
The weather is much cooler today, although I must admit I have been distracted from my knitting lately. I got some books I ordered on Tuesday, and one was a Romantic Fantasy book from an author I very much enjoy, Anne Bishop.
I used to be a much more avid reader than I am now. Now I don’t make enough time for it, and I tend to read when I fall into bed at night, usually falling asleep after a page or two.
I prefer fantasy, and horror, with my favourites being Anne Rice, Stephen King, early Raymond Feist, Anne McCaffrey and the like.
But I really like Anne Bishop. The newest release is called “Dreams Made Flesh” and is a trilogy of novellas related to an earlier trilogy she had written, the Black Jewels Trilogy. Romantic fantasy indeed. I finished the book in 2 days, and am feeling very sleep deprived.
Long time since I finished a book in two days 🙂

2 thoughts on “Would you like bread

  1. I JUST finished the Fluted Banister socks! There’s no way I’m beading…but I may do this leftover socks.

  2. Em looks so cute! I must share that with Gracie. 🙂 We have another 3 years of middle school before high school.
    Can’t wait to see your dyed sock yarn…I was dreaming about dying sock yarn last night. And let me know if you find an American zipper and I can forward it on. 🙂

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