Just a quick post today.

Just a quick post today. This getting up early to get the kid off to school is wearing me out, LOL!
I’ve gotten so used to sleeping in that it’s hard to get used to early mornings again 🙂
A very lovely lady named Amy, who lives in Michigan sent me a Lizzie McGuire pattern that I was unable to get from eBay. Em loves it, and wants me to make the dress ASAP. However, I have a top and pants cut out already from another Lizzie pattern that I really should sew up first.
Nat sent me a few balls of Hot Pink Nundle wool that she had. I really like this stuff. I may even consider it for a Must Have Cardi later. I’m making Em’s plain cardigan from it, and it’s lovely to knit with. It’s supposed to be an 8ply or DK weight, but I’m knitting it at 20sts/4″, and I’m pleased with the fabric.
The plain cardi continues, even though the weather has been hot. I’ve completed the back, and am now maybe a third of the way up the fronts. The stockinette is boring, but it’s nice to do in front of the TV. 🙂
Emily would like me to knit this for her next.

s_flaps_small.jpg s_flaps2_small.jpg

I ordered a ball of Natural Peruvian and another ball of Eggplant, and I have plenty of Wisteria left, so it will be in shades of purple. This is a free pattern, available from Ozyarn. Cute, and I’ll knit it for her, but I’ll bet she never wears it!

2 thoughts on “Just a quick post today.

  1. If only I had seen that hat sooner! DH asked me to knit him a ski cap with ear flaps but I didn’t know how. Luckily, he found a cheap but warm one at Old Navy.

  2. Oooh! That was the first thign I ever attempted on DPNs. I’d never done any colour work before either. Needless to say, I messed up. But still, It’s a cool hat!! Hope she does wear it!!! It’d look really nice in shades of purple!

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