Ribby is reclining on bath

Ribby is reclining on bath towels, blocking as I type 🙂
Perhaps tomorrow she will be dry and I can start finishing her. I’d better do something about finsing a zipper, hadn’t I?
No real knitting news apart from that, but I did cast on for Emily’s cardigan. I’m using the cone of pink wool from Nundle, and Ann Budd’s “Handy Book of Sweater Patterns”. It will just be a basic plain stockinette cardi, simialr to the Everyday Cardi.
So far, the Nundle wool is knitting up beautifully – it’s nice and thick, full of Lanolin and vegetable matter. Nat had told me this, but I had to feel it myself 🙂
Nundle Woolen Mills has a website here.
The mailman didn’t bring me anything knitty today, but look what he did bring me!



A Polar Bear cover for my mobile phone!!
Where would I be without eBay? 😉