So, 2014.

It was kind of big for us. Lots of big things happened. The house that was about to be started a few posts back? It’s finished, we’ve been living here for three and a half months!



We’re happy with it! That pic was taken just yesterday. It’s taken that long to get the gardens done. And the turf will apparently be finished tomorrow. The landscapers are under all sorts of implied threats to have it done in time for Christmas. Both families are landing on us, so grass would be nice. As would fences, but that looks like happening late January.

It’s taken eleven months, but we finally put Twinkie to rest yesterday.


We had her cremated, and she’s been resting in the kitchen, awaiting a more permanent spot. ┬áThis little garden is directly under my craft room window, and I think she would’ve liked that. Mind you, she wouldn’t have complained about being in the kitchen, close to the food either!

My craft room was one of the first rooms complete. (Naturally!)





The other big news was that in July I started a new job. I’m still at the same place, but I jumped a few grades and am now full time. The end result? Much more job satisfaction, but now I have this lovely, lovely craft room and no time to use it.

I’ve managed a few hats for a coworker who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.







I’ve finished a cardi and a jumper, but haven’t taken any pictures – I started both in winter and it’s summer now, so they’ve seen little, if any use yet.

But I’m still here, always hopeful that I’ll find a way to fit more in. 28 hour days? 10 day weeks?

Seriously, December? Already??