The Suzy Hausfrau Craft Show!

So on Thursday, Ailsa and I headed off to the Craft and Quilt Fair. (aka the Suzy Hausfrau show!) We manned the Guild desk until 1pm, answering lots of knitting questions and introducing lots (and lots) of people to Ravelry and the Knitters Guild. I had with me both my iPhone and my camera, and I still failed to take any pictures.

In the afternoon, we went shopping. Now, in the past, the Show hasn’t really been knit friendly. There’s a few yarn stores about, but it’s very much geared towards quilter, scrapbookers and beaders. Last year I bought a piece of fabric and some scissors. Year before that, I only (!) bought a sewing machine. But I knew Suzy was going to be there, so I’d given myself a stern talking to early in the week. I have enough yarn in the stash for 30 adult garments. Yes, I admitted it and I gave a number. 30. We won’t even mention socks. Or hats. Or scarves. Lets just not go there.  Working is a yarn store was very good for padding out the stash, so to speak. (ALso, I’d just like to add that this is clearly a case of too little time, not too much yarn)

But she’s just got in Quince & Co. And it was debuting at the Show. My, oh my. So I made a plan. I wanted Tern. In columbine (pink, of course!)

On Wednesday, she sent me a message to let me know the Tern hadn’t arrived, so I wouldn’t be let down on the day. (I may have mentioned on Twitter a time or five that I was lusting after that particular yarn) That’s okay, I’ll get it later. And I won’t buy anything at the show, right?

Yeah, right.

I was restrained, though!


Swans Island Fingering Weight in Oatmeal.


Shibui Staccato in Watermelon.

What will they become? They’ll tell me, sooner or later. I nearly went for the Quince and Co Finch instead of the Tern, but I held strong. Strong!

On the same evening, we went to the Yarn Tasting event thrown by Suzy Hausfrau. (See, it should have been the Suzy Hausfrau show!) What a civilised event. Lovely! Four courses of yarn, accompanied by wine, nibblies and fun company. What’s not to love?!?

For the first course, we had Habu Silk Stainless and the cobweb weight wool (top right). Then, Happy Mink. (MINK!)(bottom right) Swans Island Fingering (top left) and finally Shibui Staccato and Silk Cloud.(bottom lef ) I knit my Shibui’s together. Ailsa and Zena did a couple of rows of one, then the other. Wish I’d thought of that.


This is the way we should all get to try out new yarns, you know. In good company, with wine and a little taster of each yarn. I liked the Swans Island and the Shibui best. Lucky that, seeing as I’d just bought both. (I also liked seeing so much pink. Rosered wasn’t quite so enamoured!) Pink is the best!

Might have to go back for some Silk Cloud though!



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  1. it was my favourite place at the show too! I loved the quince & co and it was just so nice to see it in person! Oh and I have that staccato in watermelon from her too!!!!! you did well:)

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