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December 05, 2008


Sometimes I look at her, and I wonder where my baby girl went.

But then I just think about the young lady she's becoming and feel proud.

Posted by Donna at December 5, 2008 10:37 PM


Aw, look at Em all glammed up! No wonder you are so proud.

Posted by: Michelle at December 5, 2008 11:57 PM

Aww! She's beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful time.

Posted by: sprite at December 6, 2008 12:15 AM

OMG, I teared up looking at her -- she is so lovely, and looks so much like you. And having had the privilege of meeting you both in person (can you believe it was almost a year ago), I know she is a delightful person as well!

Posted by: Wendy at December 6, 2008 12:52 AM

She's looking more and more like you!
She's beautiful, and that smile...

Posted by: Marika at December 6, 2008 03:34 AM

Donna, Emily is lovely. The dress turned out sweet. It's hard to see them grow...you wonder where the time went, I know. You are doing a great job.

Posted by: Amy at December 6, 2008 03:44 AM

I love the first picture with that one lock of hair blowing around. She's lovely! (And great job on the dress mods.)

Posted by: Jaimi at December 6, 2008 05:13 AM

Oh, she's so beautiful! And wow, the dress looks fantastic. She'll be the belle of the ball!
(Twinkie appears to agree.)

Posted by: CraftyGryphon at December 6, 2008 05:51 AM

Awww... gorgeous. Just like her Mum :)

Posted by: happy spider at December 6, 2008 06:35 AM

Love how Twinkie just had to be in the shot too!

She looks so great! Hope she had a great time at the formal!

Posted by: Rose Red at December 6, 2008 06:50 AM

Ahh, she looks great and the dress looks great too.

I used to tell my DD I was going to put a brick on her head to stop her from growing up. Sigh, she's touring colleges this year and will be applying for college next fall. My baby.

Posted by: sue at December 6, 2008 06:52 AM

She's stunning Donna! What a wonderful, confident young woman!

Posted by: Sally at December 6, 2008 09:38 AM

Naughty Twinkie! He is SO looking up her dress.

and OMG! What a beauty! But then I just look at her mama and think, oh yeah, THAT'S where she gets it.

Sometimes you wish they could stay young forever, huh?

Posted by: La at December 6, 2008 09:59 AM

Em looks gorgeous in that dress. You should be proud. 2 weeks ago, I sat at the back of the car when my 16 year old went for her 1st drive - I nearly cried as I remembered the days when she was just a baby.

Posted by: Ann at December 6, 2008 10:10 AM

Em looks beautiful! I hope she has a good time.

Posted by: Suzanne at December 6, 2008 10:28 AM

Oh she does look gorgeous in her dress. I would feel proud too.

Posted by: sue at December 6, 2008 11:17 AM

she look so gorgeous!!!! and no matter how old she is, she will always be your baby girl. that's what my mum always tells me ^_^

Posted by: Michelle at December 6, 2008 11:45 AM

She looks lovely! We have a whole year to go until the Grade 10 dinner, but already there is talk about the dress.

It's scary/exciting watching them grow up isn't it?

Posted by: amandaj at December 6, 2008 06:24 PM

She's turning into a lovely young lady. She'll do you proud.

Posted by: Cathy at December 7, 2008 12:37 AM

How fast they grow. She is a beautiful girl. Love the dress alterations.

Posted by: KSee at December 7, 2008 05:11 AM

Em and the dress look gorgeous. Hope she had a great night.

Posted by: Kate at December 7, 2008 08:09 AM

Em looks wonderful and the dress looks so good on her - hope she had a great night.

Posted by: judy at December 7, 2008 09:07 AM

She looks gorgeous! I hope she had a fantastic time. Maybe you can con her into writing about if for us. :)

Posted by: Madame Purl at December 7, 2008 12:49 PM

she's beautiful!

Posted by: Janet at December 7, 2008 02:01 PM

Em is a beautiful young lady. Although you may miss the baby she once was, she is definitely growing up into a beautiful and gracious young lady, which is definitely testament to her mother! :-)

Posted by: Wanda at December 7, 2008 02:30 PM

Em looks lovely, and so does Twinkie!!

Posted by: 2paw at December 7, 2008 05:34 PM

You should be proud, she is a very beautiful girl, inside and out, a bit like her mum really.

Posted by: Anne at December 8, 2008 09:46 AM

She looks beautiful! And I love how Twinkie sneaked into the picture. It gives her a Disney Princess look. :)

Posted by: Marlena at December 9, 2008 04:21 AM

She looks so beautiful! The dress is amazing!

Posted by: Karen at December 9, 2008 04:45 AM

Gorgeous!! She does look like a Disney Princess with Twink in the picture. :)

Posted by: monica at December 9, 2008 11:02 AM

Oh WOW!! Just gorgeous!!

Posted by: Mira at December 10, 2008 02:50 AM

Emily looks beautiful Donna! The dress is gorgeous. I too have a daughter and I know how you feel. Also I was so sorry to read about your Mum that you lost her at such a young age. Life sucks sometimes!

Posted by: Helen at December 10, 2008 05:15 PM

She looks lovely! Beautiful job with the alterations :)

Posted by: Octopus Knits at December 11, 2008 10:28 AM

Emily looks gorgeous! And you did an excellent job on the dress. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to see what you've been up to. I miss my blogs!

Posted by: Evelyn at December 12, 2008 09:00 AM